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The 3rd international conference for cctld administrators and registrars of the cis, central and eastern europe has opened


The 3rd  international conference for cctld administrators and registrars of the cis, central and eastern europe has opened

On 8 September,  the 3rd International Conference for ccTLD administrators and registrars of the CIS, Central and Eastern Europe opened in “Volga Cliff” resort. Chairman of the CC’s Board, Mikhail Yakushev, representative of the Ministry of Communications and IT of the Republic of Moldova, Donna Scola, as well as representatives of the ICANN – Tina Dam and George Sadovski spoke at the opening session.

Mikhail Yakushev welcomed conference participants to Samara oblast. “Samara was the first region to follow Moscow with domain names registration started in due course, - noted Mr. Yakushev. – This is one of the reasons why it was Samara to host this international conference.”

Donna Scola highlighted on the experience of administration of the ccTLD in the Republic of Moldova. “Eighty percent of population centers in Moldova have access to the Internet. However, it is used irrationally. It is mainly due to the fact that the state markedly affects the Internet in Moldova: the only registrar in Moldova is a state company affiliated to the ministry,” said Ms. Scola. Moreover, in compliance with the agreement with an American company many sites with medical content are hosted in .MD. Today out of 16,000 domain names registered in ccTLD .MD about 5,000 have been registered by the American company for medical content purposes. “Hosting and other services with high level of value added have been underdeveloped in Moldova. Many producers of meaningful content register in TLD .COM. However, we want to change this situation, - said Donna. – I personally consider educational aspect as a priority in our work. We should brief common people on the Internet and why we need domains and websites.”

George Sadovski stressed the comprehensive development of the network. “It is critical to have the Internet governed both by the state every single family certain family, - said he. – However, we should develop the Internet harmoniously – starting with ensuring security of domain names system (DNS) and encapsulate all the aspects.”

Tina Dam could not make it for Samara and became a remote participant: she welcomed the conference participants with the help of Webinar and reported on IDN-domains implementation. “We run many tests, ask people questions about, for example, which browsers they use. All this help us in our work. Today, many countries have already got their IDNs, such as Russia, China, Taiwan, and other countries. As of today, we have already received 33 applications for the IDN implementation. Fifteen applications have been satisfied and the decision on the other ones are pending. In the coming year we are expecting to get about 50 such applications.”

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